Florida Marketplace: Understanding the Health Care Law

It’s important to keep on top of the changes in the marketplace for employee benefits and administration.  More than ever, we have spent a sizable amount of time researching, reviewing, and learning the available options to small and medium sized employer groups. Florida Marketplace for Insurance The term marketplace is intended to represent the availability of multiple health insurance plans.  There are individual and group marketplaces.  There are private marketplaces and there are public (some (...)

Top 10 Signs that Construction is on the Rise in Tampa Bay

Can you feel it? Building and construction projects are on the rise, especially here in Florida. I could spout statistical data about new home starts, increased permit applications and falling unemployment, but all you really need to do is look around.   For major-metro regions in Florida, including Jacksonville, FL; Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach, FL; Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford, FL; Tallahassee, FL; and Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL, the BidClerk Construction Index™ (BCI) reported that there was a 39.8% increase in construction (...)

Tampa Women Connected Program Offers Relationship Building

I had my first opportunity to attend a Women Connected Event on September 24th presented by The Bank of Tampa.  In the rich decor of Palma Ceia Country Club in South  Tampa, I enjoyed the company of my fellow women in business, for an event of the group aptly named Women Connected. Our presenters were well informed on their topic, engaging, and even humorous.  Darren Richards of Tucker Hall started his segment of the presentation by (...)

Florida CFO: Prepare your business for the Healthcare Mandate

A recent email sent from Florida’s Chief Financial Officer about the Healthcare Mandate …   Dear Friends, As you are aware, the mandate for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) begins on October 1, and my Department’s Division of Consumer Services has already received hundreds of calls from consumers concerned about the arduous requirements of the new law. In response, the Division launched a new webpage about the ACA and plans to host educational webinars for small (...)

A Primer on Tampa Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation.  Just the term itself inspires a wide range of emotions from the various people I hear from in business. Some business owners may view it is as tyranny. They may feel it is an intrusive, expensive government mandate. Other business owners view it as a safety net, protecting them, their employees, and their business from claims arising from an injured worker. The majority of business owners are in the middle, viewing workers’ compensation as a necessary business (...)

Shopping for Insurance isn’t as easy as shopping for shoes…but we can help!

Most people don’t really like shopping, especially for insurance.  It’s tough to know what to ask and who to trust. Are you happy with your insurance or are you still uninsured? Are you afraid of change?  If you are outsourcing payroll with a professional employer organization (PEO), is your current provider company the best for your needs? What are the measurables that can be evaluated with certainty? What other variables may greatly impact the level (...)

Why Does My New Boat Make Me Sad?

I know, you don’t feel sorry for anyone with a new boat.  Actually, it is five years old, it’s just new to me.  It was my dad’s, and while he is still in good physical shape, the state of Florida feels he has become ineligible for a driver’s license due to his declining mental acuity.  That means he is in the very early stages of Alzheimer’s. I paid him for the boat, less the daughter (...)

“Community Rating” and Health Insurance Costs

With the advent of Healthcare Reform,/Obamacare/PPACA (or whatever you want to call it), there have been many new terms we need to get used to hearing.  Here’s a discussion on what Community Rating means.  First, some background. As a Tampa insurance professional, many of my employer clients purchase small group coverage for their employees.  Regardless of the insurance company they choose, and I represent many, certain group characteristics are taken into consideration as the rates (...)

Three good reasons why you should buy health insurance

The cost of health care has risen significantly in recent years for a variety of reasons.  As a result, the cost of health insurance has increased to a point that many adults have had to drop coverage, or not enroll when offered through an employer plan.  Saving money by not paying premiums may cost you and your family much more in the long run.  Below, you will find three good reasons why you should buy health (...)

New Health Care Law leads many businesses to employ PEOs to stay in Compliance

Recently, I had an opportunity to read the article “Bracing for Obamacare, Some Businesses Try PEOs” in Entrepreneur.  It was great to see a friend and expert, Pat Cleary, CEO of NAPEO, highlighted in the article. The article discusses the confusion many have with the Affordable Health Care law and how business owners intend to comply with the law.  It also delineates in an easy-to-understand way what the function of a PEO is…. “PEOs, available for (...)

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