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Shopping for Insurance isn’t as easy as shopping for shoes…but we can help!

Most people don’t really like shopping, especially for insurance.  It’s tough to know what to ask and who to trust. Are you happy with your insurance or are you still uninsured? Are you afraid of change?  If you are outsourcing payroll with a professional employer organization (PEO), is your current provider company the best for your needs? What are the measurables that can be evaluated with certainty? What other variables may greatly impact the level (...)

Why Does My New Boat Make Me Sad?

I know, you don’t feel sorry for anyone with a new boat.  Actually, it is five years old, it’s just new to me.  It was my dad’s, and while he is still in good physical shape, the state of Florida feels he has become ineligible for a driver’s license due to his declining mental acuity.  That means he is in the very early stages of Alzheimer’s. I paid him for the boat, less the daughter (...)

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