New Health Care Law leads many businesses to employ PEOs to stay in Compliance

Recently, I had an opportunity to read the article “Bracing for Obamacare, Some Businesses Try PEOs” in Entrepreneur.  It was great to see a friend and expert, Pat Cleary, CEO of NAPEO, highlighted in the article.

The article discusses the confusion many have with the Affordable Health Care law and how business owners intend to comply with the law.  It also delineates in an easy-to-understand way what the function of a PEO is….

PEOs, available for the past 30 years, provide health benefits and handle human resources tasks, including payroll, workers’ compensation insurance and other benefits. And because a PEO does all of this for a group of companies, rather than just one, it can typically achieve economies of scale that individual companies can’t.”

I agree that PEOs can relieve the burden of compliance and save business owners money on administrative tasks.  This article places a high value on PEOs being able to handle the administrative work, but not all PEOs are right for every business.  In my opinion, I find that not all PEO’s are created equal.  Each client is unique and their needs dictate the value of the PEO.

Every PEO will tell you they are the best.  It is a marketing and sales tactic.  Why be in business at all if you don’t believe you are the best, right?  But how, as a business owner, do you determine which one is right for you?

Working with a broker who has a relationship with multiple PEOs, understands their capabilities and offerings in relation to your needs and negotiates with the PEO on your behalf is the best way to go.  Consider it the concierge service of your administrative and insurance arm of your business — that’s what we do.  We find the best value for you.


We research our partner companies to make certain our information is up to date and accurate.  We call and visit with our partners to keep the relationship fresh.  We request timely renewal information or carrier changes.  We endeavor to learn the names of top management, as well as those in operations management and other key positions.  Our longevity in the industry enables us to enjoy familiarity with many providers.  Relationships thrive where integrity and trust are common values.

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