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As you are probably aware, Healthcare Reform legislation includes a federal mandate requiring that all individuals must carry health insurance.  This can be accomplished through any one of three ways; hence, there is no wrong door.  One way is to enlist the help of an experienced, caring agent.  We can help you determine if you are eligible for premium assistance.  We are certified to assist you with coverage on the government website.  With or without a subsidy, we can help you choose from multiple insurance carriers, with guidance on choosing the plan that best meets your needs and budget.  If you did not enroll in time this year, we have interim coverage options for you. You may even qualify for a late entry into a plan if you have a qualifying event.

Life, Disability, Long-Term Care Insurance

Are you a responsible adult?  Have you taken the time to plan for your security?  Most of us work for a living, and not as a hobby.  Think of yourself as the engine that makes your household run.   Then think of what would happen if that engine broke down, or worse.  Every journey begins with the first step.

We can help you determine how much life insurance would be needed if you were to die unexpectedly.  Life insurance can also be used to build cash value in a stable, protected fund for use in later years or as an aid to your family as a much needed financial boost if tragedy strikes.  Life insurance can do other things too, such as provide for the buyout of a business owner or partner.  Life insurance can even provide living benefits for long term care if needed.  Disabilities occur all too frequently, we know this.  Illness and injury don’t just happen to other people.  They can result in severe consequences, such as the loss of your savings…or your home.


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For Medicare Supplemental Insurance, We Recommend Easy Medical Plans

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