Three good reasons why you should buy health insurance

The cost of health care has risen significantly in recent years for a variety of reasons.  As a result, the cost of health insurance has increased to a point that many adults have had to drop coverage, or not enroll when offered through an employer plan.  Saving money by not paying premiums may cost you and your family much more in the long run.  Below, you will find three good reasons why you should buy health insurance today:

  • Gain access to care.  Here’s the scenario:  You enter the doctor’s office and they welcome you with a clipboard.  Before you are invited back into the office interior, the greeter asks, “How are you going to pay for today’s visit?”  Even with a high deductible plan, it is important to answer with the name of a reputable insurance carrier.  You provide the doctor’s office with peace of mind that extensive services, if required, will be covered even if the visit is paid out of pocket.  It also gives both parties the confirmation that you care about your health and your access to increased levels of care (i.e., lab work, prescriptions, hospitalization, etc.) should they become necessary.
  • Life extending services.  Showing up at any hospital with chest pains and having no insurance may mean that you are stabilized and released with instructions to visit a cardiologist.  No money?  No insurance?  Now what?
  • Keeping yourself in the best shape for a long and healthy life.  The fact is, this is not a dress rehearsal, and this is your life.  Live it well.  Take care of the physical body that is your vehicle in life.  Get check ups.  Find out what that lump, bump, or gurgle sound is before it becomes a life threatening problem.  Understand and utilize the well care benefits included with your health insurance.

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